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HR Advice For Employers – Top 5 Free Resources

HR Advice For Employers – Top 5 Free Resources

Date: 18th November 2019 | By: Claire Malley | Categories: Employment law, HR, Wirehouse

There are countless online resources offering employers HR advice , but not all are as useful as they could be. In order to get the most from these resources, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 resources for free HR advice when you just need a little guidance or assistance that you can rely on.

  1. 1. LinkedIn – website
  2. It turns out that LinkedIn isn’t just a networking site for business professionals, it’s also a fantastic learning resource. Though it does encourage peer to peer communication and resource sharing – both of which are valuable means of educating yourself – the real learning value in LinkedIn is in the groups. A number of HR related groups exist, many of which feature vibrant discussions on contemporary issues and the posting of cutting edge research and think pieces.

  3. 2. CIPD Podcast
  4. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a European association of HR professionals, releases a monthly podcast covering all things HR. It’s a well researched and smoothly produced podcast that tackles issues as they arise in the HR community. In the past, they’ve created episodes dealing with cyber security and its impact on employees, the gender pay gap, and trade unions, all of which are very much worth a listen. /p>

  5. 3. Evil HR Lady – blog
  6. Having originally trained as a political scientist, before working her way up to an HR position in a Fortune 500 company, the Evil HR Lady has experience of every rung on the HR ladder. Suzanne Lucas – the real name behind the eponymous Evil HR Lady – writes her incredibly popular blog because she hopes to demystify the inner-workings of HR departments, as well as those individuals who work in them. The result is a hugely informative and often hilarious blog, that covers topics as diverse as workplace drug testing policy and the way in which office layout affects productivity.

  7. 4. – website
  8. is one of the UK’s leading HR blogs and a regular publisher of captivating and informative posts that include op-eds, think-pieces, independent research, news articles, and advice. Whether you’re looking for a blog post on the impact of remote working on employees’ mental health, or need some guidance on how to conduct different types of team meetings, this is a top go-to resource for hr advice for employers

  9. 5. – website
  10. is another of the UK’s top HR websites. It benefits from guest posts by some of the industry’s most respected experts, publishes comprehensive news-based articles covering the latest developments in the industry, and also focuses on providing HR professionals with advice and guidance on a wide range of topics. Recent highlights include a detailed examination of the UK’s cyber security skills shortage and an article concerning the role AI technology has to play in job creation.

  11. 6. (Bonus tip) Free HR Advice trial from
  12. Wirehouse’s experience in the HR sector is virtually unrivalled in the UK, which makes our Free HR Advice Trial a no-brainer! Get as much or as little support as you need from our expert Consultants, completely free and completely without obligation. Find out more.

    Employers HR Advice – Conclusion

    If you’re looking for useful HR advice for employers, it’s best to explore a variety of mediums. That’s why we’ve split our top 5 list between podcasts, forums, websites, and blogs. Each media form is suited to a different type of learning and knowledge acquisition. A well-rounded and informed HR professional will be looking to a diverse array of publishing platforms to get all the information they need to improve their skillset.

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